Course Objective
The course gives ATC personnel the knowledge and insight in the pilot role by flying simulator (A320 or B737) and attend a ground training session with briefings relevant to both pilots and ATC personnel. By meeting pilots in their own environment you get an understanding for their role in aviation safety. During the two hour simulator session you will be taught the basic fundamentals of flying from A to B with relevant ATC implications. You will learn and experience the pilot solution to different threats. You will also see the pilot role and the implication on aviation safety.

Course Outline
The course will be held over two days including two hours simulator flying for each participant. The course will be divided into a self study part, a presentation for flying, simulator flying and selected topics relevant to ATC and pilots. The course will be conducted at Oxford Aviation Academy facilities (former SAS Flight Academy) in Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo.

Simulator session
The contents of each simulator session (two hours) is:
– Take off in good WX conditions
– Manual flying, approach and landings
– TCAS scenario
– GPWS scenario
– CAT III approach and automatic landing
– Engine Failure
– Go around

Ground training session
– Preparation for simulator flying
– Cockpit procedures
– Crew Resource Management (Threat and Error Management)
– T/O and Landing data
– Winter operations from pilot view
– Safety Management in flight operations
– Risk Management in Aviation
– Mayday Mayday Mayday what tasks do ATC and the pilots have to perform
– Accidents worldwide and the trends
– ATC implication on accident rate

Who should attend
This course has been designed to appeal to all ATC employees with a desire to explore more about aviation and the pilot role.

Take home
Comprehensive course notebook containing all course material
Memory stick (8GB) with the course material and relevant human factor and safety information
Certification of completion

Course duration, 2 days, in Stockholm, Oslo or Copenhagen. For further details please contact us.