Commander candidate course (The Commander, his aircraft, duty and the law)

Course Objectives
This course is designed to provide aircraft commanders with an operational understanding of the framework of law and operational limitations which they must operate. The lectures deal in a practical and relevant manner within the Commanders authority and responsibility in respect of the passengers, employer and the crew and the relationship with other agencies such as ATC, airport handlers, and national authorities. The course advises the action to be taken in the immediate aftermath of an accident in order to protect the interests of the commander, crew, passengers and the airline.

Who should attend

Senior first officers due to become a Commander or first officers looking for Command positions and Commanders that have not completed a Command course.

Course Outline

* The Chicago Convention and its Annexes – their status and effect
* The relationship between international and domestic law
* The Commander’s responsibility and authority
* The Commander and his cabin
* Maintenance – logbook – service intervals
* The Commanders duty of care to passengers and crew
* The operational duty – and its limits
* Flight Operations manual (OM-A)
* Aeronautical publications – AICs, EASA, FAA, AIP, etc.
* Pilot Role – Commander as setting the tone – Company and Safety Culture
* CRM – Threat Error Management (TEM)
* Weight and Balance
* The right to refuse boarding
* Other legal parties, Police, Health, Customs and Immigration Authorities
* Communication
* Operational Leadership
* Deportees and Inadmissible Aliens – the potential dilemma for the commander
* Unruly passengers, crime and unruly disruptive behaviour onboard
* The role, function and responsibilities of ATC
* Criminal liability of the Commander – statutory offences, manslaughter
* Civil liability – negligence
* The passenger’s contract with the carrier
* The law as to the carriage of Munitions of War and of Dangerous Goods
* Security
* ICAO Annex 13, The accident investigation, the authorities and their rights
* Recommended actions in the event of an accident
* Emergency Response
* Lessons learned from aviation

Take home
* A ScandiAvia memory stick [8GB] with a comprehensive course notebook
* Industry examples and solutions
* Adherence after an Accident (checklist)
* Certification of completion

Course duration, Two days, for further details or booking please contact us.