Course Objectives
This ICAO based course will provide the participants with information and guidance for performing an accident or incident investigation. Fundamentals in investigation techniques and witness interview will provide the individual with the essential skills and methodology needed to perform and lead an investigation. All phases and aspects of an investigation will be addressed, starting with preparation and ending with the signing of the investigation report. The course will cover ICAO procedures. Case studies will focus on witness interview, accident causation and the writing of a report. The course places participants in the logistics involved in accident response, participation, investigation procedure and investigative techniques. The course qualifies you as an Investigator in accordance with ICAO Cir 298 AN/172 Training Guidelines for Aircraft Accident Investigators.

After completion of the course, the participants will be able to conduct incident investigations in own company and in accordance with ICAO Annex 13 and also participate as advisors or technical representatives to national aircraft accident investigation boards.

Who should attend
Individuals responsible for or associated with accident or incident investigation. This includes manufacturers, operators, government agencies, military, insurers, airline, commuter, business and helicopter operators, law enforcement and airport management.

Course Outline
* EASA regulation
* ICAO Annex 13
* Witness interview
* Aerodynamics
* Recorders
* Human Factor
* Case study, witness interview, cause analysis and the writing of a report
* Human Physiology
* World Wide Safety and trends – looking ahead
* Principles of investigation
* Preparedness for investigation
* Initial action
* Site safety
* Field Investigation
* Data collection
* Analysis
* Causation
* Report Writing

Take home
* Comprehensive course notebook containing all course material
* Industry examples and solutions
* A ScandiAvia memory stick [8GB] loaded with course and reference material
* Certification of completion

Duration, five days, to be held upon request. Further details or booking please contact us.