Course Objectives
The course will provide the participants with thorough knowledge of how to perform Safety Risk Management (RM) and the rationale behind RM, Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis and procedures of how to perform RM in an airline or own organization. The course will present the participants with a model to take home of how RM can be performed. Through lectures and extensive exercises (both Proactive and Reactive) the course will give the participants the fundamentals of RM. At the end of this course, the participants will be able to apply the fundamentals of risk management to both predict threats and prevent accidents.

Who should attend
Individuals involved in or responsible for RM in own organization. This includes manufacturers, operators, government agencies, military, insurers, airline, commuter, business and helicopter operators, law enforcement and airport management.

Course outline:
* Safety Risk Management in the Safety Management System (SMS)
* Safety achievement, Safety assurance and Safety promotion
* Risk-based approach
* Definitions
* Risk Assessment
* Risk Analysis – Probability, Severity and Exposure
* Risk Management
* Rationale for Risk Management
* Advantages of Risk Management
* Conducting the analysis and the outcome
* Risk Acceptance criteria
* Risk cases (reactive, proactive and predictive)
* Preventing accidents
* Assessing incidents in order to prevent accidents
* Safety Review Board (EASA) Management Review (ISO 9000)

Take home
* Comprehensive course notebook containing all the course material
* Industry examples and solutions
* Risk Management handbook (made by ScandiAvia)
* A ScandiAvia memory stick [8GB] loaded with the course and reference material
* Certification of completion

Duration two days, fpr further details or booking please contact us.