Many International organisations recommend programs to enhance the general Safety and Quality awareness of their operation. The benefits of such programs are the ability to track and control all aspects and tasks within the organisation. The increase of Safety requires expertise and strong management focus on both Safety and Quality issues. To achieve this, many companies may need assistance.

ScandiAvia – provides high quality advice and safety related briefings and courses to companies where quality and safety remains the basis.We have specialized in the area of safety and quality, and our consultants are highly qualified experts with unique experience in management, safety and quality.

To achieve and increase your safety level and keep a strong focus on both the safety and quality issues you might need assistance. ScandiAvia will and can assist.

ScandiAvia mission:

To advise, assist and facilitate companies in achieving increased safety
and quality through continued improvement in their operation.

Safety, Quality and efficiency in that order are fundamentals in our operation.