Safety Management System (SMS): Given the forecas for sustained growth of air transport in the coming years, it is essential that every airline and state cooperate to reduce the rate of accidents worldwide. A systematic approach to do that will be to have an operational and functioning SMS. There are five basic elements in the SMS, Information collection, Analysing data, Develop countermeasures and take Action, Document the process and Monitor the case until needed effect are seen. We assist you in setting up such a system and stay with you until it is operational and functioning.

Quality Systems: We can assist with improving or developing your quality system.

Motivation: In many organisations the variety in individual performance of the employees costs the business considerable amount of both money and manpower. Highly motivated employees, performing at or above standard are essential in every operation. We offer programs that motivate the employees and set focus on the importance of Quality in every level.

Audits: An audit function which effectively observe discrepancies before they become a threat to your organisation is vital. The Aviation industry is unique, since it provides the best systems and has the most emprehensive experience in conducting audits. We at ScandiAvia offer you and your business the benefit of this experience.

Courses/briefings: Educating employees, refresher courses and updating are important in every organisation. ScandiAvia has a wide variety of customers that have requested assistance in educating employees. With a focus on airline industries way of conducting safe opersations everytime we will get your employments attention. He/she will most likely change behaviour as a side effect of our focus: Safe Operations Every Time.

Risk Management: How do you address and tackle the discrepancies that come to your attention. Do you have a plan for and a systematic approach to Risk Management. The Aviation Indutry is leading within this area and we can assist you with Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment and Risk Management.

Threat Error Management (TEM): There are always threats out there, or is it noise? There will always be errors that slips through your safety net, but do you have a strategy for handling it before it becomes a threat. A systematic approach to handling signals before they become a threat can be crucially important to your organisation. The Aviation Industry is leading in developing a systematic approach to TEM.

Our services are unique- You get what we consider is the fundament in of any company – Safety, Quality and Efficiency – in that order.