The course prepare’s all Air Operators Certificate (AOC) or Maintenance Repair Organization Approval (MRO) Accountable Managers & Nominated Post Holders for the regulatory responsibilities & duties of managing a civil air operation.

This course will ensure that all who attend will understand why we conduct maintenance on civil aircraft & how the standards have developed over the years. This course will also review in detail the regulations in support of an AOC or MRO and how they differ in regions of the World. The participants will study in detail the responsibilities of senior staff & what they are required to do by law with regards to airworthiness, maintenance & the technical operation of civil aircraft.

European classes will focus on EASA / JAA while Arabian Gulf classes will focus on EASA / JAA & the UAE GCAA regulation.

Who should attend
Accountable Managers of air operations, airlines or Maintenance facilities.
Nominated post holders of air operations, airlines or Maintenance facilities.
Aviation Authority Personnel.
Aircraft Maintenance Personnel.
Aircraft or Component Manufacturer Personnel.
Aircraft Leasing Personnel.
Aircraft & Aviation Consultants.
Military Aviation Personnel that wish to understand civil aviation in more detail.

Course Outline
A review of why aircraft systems fail & how scheduled & unscheduled maintenance can prevent failure & maintain the original airworthiness of design.
A detailed review of the regulations & world standards (ICAO), for ensuring the continued airworthiness of civil aircraft.
A detailed study of the Regulations for Continued Airworthiness.
A detailed study of the responsibilities of Air Operator Certificate Accountable Managers & Nominated Post Holders.
A review of how to start an Air Operation & how to apply for an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) & how to bring aircraft onto that certificate.
A study of Extended Twin Engine Operations (ETOPs) & the associated continued airworthiness implications.

Take home
Comprehensive course notebook containing all course material
Details of EASA OPS 1 Part M & Part 145 Regulations.
Details of the UAE GCAA CAR OPS 1 Sub Part M & Part V.
ICAO Annexes.
Details ETOPs & Continued Airworthiness Regulations.
Examples of Continued Airworthiness Programmes.
Examples of an AOC application.
Certification of completion
Memory stick (1GB) with the course material and relevant documentation

Course duration, 3 days. For further info, please contact us.