Course Objectives
The course has been designed to provide students with a thorough grounding in basic legal concepts, enhancing any knowledge they have gained during industry professional qualifications, and apply this to the current legal framework that exists within the aviation industry today. The course will discuss several key areas in depth while providing students with an overall concept of aviation law in a global setting. At the end of the course students will have an in-depth knowledge of several key areas and understand the basic concepts of aviation law.

Who should attend
Any commercial Pilots, Engineers working under a system of approvals, Air Traffic Controllers and management at all levels of the industry.

Course Outline
The History of Aviation Law and First steps to EASA
International law and its relationship with domestic law
Basic legal concepts
The Traveller – his rights and terms of travel.
Liability for injuries in aircraft accidents:
Strict liability under the Warsaw Convention
Defences under Warsaw convention
The anomaly of psychological harm
Opting out of Warsaw convention
The future of the Warsaw convention
The differences in national laws not covered by international treaty
Civil liability in aviation
Criminal liability in aviation
Negligence, civil & criminal
Future developments
Lessons learned from aviation

Take home
Comprehensive course notebook containing all material covered by the course
The relevant sections of the Warsaw Convention
Extracts of the court cases relevant to the course
Certification of completion
Memory stick (1GB) with the course material and relevant documentation

Course duration, 3 days. For further details or booking please contact us.